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Unless you’re fairly new to the world of firearms, chances are you’ve heard the name Wilson Combat. It’s a company that’s almost as synonymous with 1911 pistols as John Browning himself. These firearms carry a heavy price tag though, meaning that you want to protect them as much as possible. In this post, we’ll help you do that by outlining the best leather concealed carry holster for a Wilson Combat 1911.

Wilson Combat 1911: More Than Just Gucci-Grade Pistol

The story of Wilson Combat starts way back in 1977. The company gets its name from founder Bill Wilson. Wilson got his start in gunsmithing by modifying Smith & Wesson and Ruger revolvers in the back of his family’s jewelry store in Berryville, Arkansas. But what really caught his attention was when customers began bringing him a different type of firearm: the 1911.

Originally, Wilson used parts made by other gunsmiths when he upgraded his customers’ pistols. But that all changed in 1983 when he started manufacturing his own parts. Less than ten years later, Wilson was fully building entire 1911s from scratch. The company offers 1911s in a variety of calibers including the compact 9mm, the high-powered 10mm, more controllable 40 S&W, smaller 38 Super, tiny 22 LR, and of course, the classic 45 ACP.

In the years since its inception, Wilson Combat has branched out from just working on 1911s and revolvers. You can now find Wilson Combat shotguns, a variety of pistols, and even AR-15s out there in the wild. But the company hasn’t forgotten its roots, and stays true to its 1911 heritage.

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Wilson Combat 1911 Quality

Wilson Combat 1911s are some of the finest pistols on the planet. The company is so confident in their designs that they guarantee the firearms can shoot a 1-inch group at 25 yards. That is, of course, dependent on the shooter’s ability.

This isn’t all just Wilson Combat blowing smoke, either. Several professional shooters like Ken Hackathorn, the founder of the International Defensive Pistol Association, have paid Wilson Combat to build them custom pistols. In addition, Wilson Combat has also built custom 1911s for some special forces veterans like Larry Vickers and Delta Force team leader Paul R. Howe. You can even buy Howe’s signature Wilson Combat 1911.

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The Best Concealed Carry Holsters for a Wilson Combat 1911

If you’re the kind of person who’s going to pony up for a Wilson Combat 1911’s hefty price tag, you don’t want to skimp on a holster. Using the wrong kind of holster can scratch or scuff your gun over time. That’s not something you want to have to worry about when you’re concealed carrying.

If you want to concealed carry your Wilson Combat 1911, stick with a rugged (but gentle) leather holster. A leather holster offers the perfect combination of retention and protection for a high-end 1911. And when it comes to leather holsters, no one can compare to the Southern Trapper. To learn more, explore our selection of leather holsters here.

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