Custom Gun Holster for 1911 with Red Dot

So you’ve just received your 1911 back from the gunsmith, who mounted a red dot onto the slide. Or, you’re an intrepid home gunsmith who installed your red dot yourself. Either way, congrats! You’re about to unlock a whole new level of accuracy and improved target acquisition.

Black leather 1911 Holster

There’s only one problem though. You’re going to need a custom gun holster in order to carry your 1911 with its shiny new red dot. Luckily, you’re in the right place.

Cowhide 1911 Holster

At Southern Trapper, we make it easy to get the perfect custom gun holster for your 1911. We’ll custom-build your holster to fit with your specific model of 1911 and red dot. That means no two holsters are exactly the same. What’s more, they’re stylish and durable, made from tough alligator leather. They’re so rugged, we even back them with a 100-year warranty. To learn more, check out our full selection of custom 1911 gun holsters here.

IWB 1911 Holster