Concealed Carry vs Open Carry Gun Holsters

Pepsi vs coke. Dogs vs cats. 9mm vs 45. The world is full of close comparisons. And one of the biggest in the world of pistols is whether you should use a concealed carry or open carry gun holster. 

Concealed carry holsters have several benefits. But the biggest one by far is stealth. If you’re going to be in public (and don’t want people to know you’re carrying), concealed carry holsters, also known as “IWB” (inside the waistband) holsters are the way to go.

IWB holster for 1911

In contrast, open carry holsters also have some benefits. The first is draw speed. In general, it’s easier to draw from an open carry holster than from a concealed carry one. That can make them a good choice for competitions, where time is of the essence.

OWB leather holster for 1911

Regardless of whether you choose a concealed carry or open carry gun holster, Southern Trapper is here to help. Check out our full selection of gun holsters to find the perfect one for your Wilson Combat, Nighthawk, or any other type of 1911.