Choosing the Right Concealed Carry Gun Holster for Wilson Combat and Other 1911s

Thinking about using a 1911 for your concealed carry firearm? It makes sense. The design of 1911s may be more than a century old, but these plucky pistols are still going strong. There’s a reason for that. They’re reliable, effective, and accurate. Plus, the heavy 45 ACP cartridge can transfer some serious energy into a target.

However, you’re going to need more than just a 1911, even if it is a high-end model like Wilson Combat. You’re also going to need a sturdy gun holster - the kind you can trust your life with. The kind of holsters you can find at Southern Trapper.

Concealed Carry Gun Holster Basics

When choosing a concealed carry holster, you have several variables to consider. First, the make of your gun will have an impact on your gun holster. A Wilson Combat 1911 won’t have the same footprint as one from Springfield. In addition, some companies make several different 1911 variants. If you’re using something other than the typical 5-inch barrel, you’ll need a holster that fits it. 

You’ll also need to take any accessories you use into account. For example, if you attach one of Streamlight’s tactical lights to your 1911, you’ll need a different holster than you would without it. The same goes for red dot sights. 

Finally, you’ll want to take where you draw from into consideration. Do you want an IWB (inside the waistband) concealed carry gun holster for maximum secrecy? These are great choices for when you want to remain low-key in public and minimize “printing,” or showing the outline of your concealed carry weapon through your clothes.

Wilson Combat IWB Holster

Or, do you want an OWB (outside the waistband) holster for a hybrid concealed/open carry option? These can be helpful for when you don’t need to worry about concealment as much, but need the fastest draw possible. There’s no “right” or “wrong” answer to this question. Instead, you’ll need to assess your needs and decide what works best for you.

Gun Holsters for Wilson Combat, Ed Brown, and More

If you need a gun holster that’s just as reliable as your Wilson Combat 1911, you’re in the right place. At Southern Trapper, we can specialize in crafting custom holsters to fit any 1911. That includes 1911s that you’ve modified with a light, custom grips, or a red dot sight. Our holsters are made from sturdy leather and molded to the exact dimensions of your specific firearm.

Wilson Combat Holster

When your life depends on it, you need gear that’s rugged enough to stand up to anything. That’s why we designed our holsters with a 100-year warranty. So go ahead, go rough on it.

If you need a holster that can handle whatever life throws at you, trust our gun holsters. To learn more, check out our full selection of holsters here.